Basic data for a wireless interface configuration:

Name of wireless network (SSID) :   eduroam
Supported network standards:  802.11 b/g
Security mode :  WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption mode:  AES
Authentication type:  PEAP – MS-CHAPv2

After correct authorization, the network settings for computer will be downloaded from DHCP server.


In most cases, to make the connection to the eduroam network, we need have only 3 things:
1. a computer (palmtop, phone, PDA, etc.) with service the 802.11b/g network standard
2. to have installed on the above computers AddTrustExternalCARoot certificate
3. to have own login and password to authenticate to the eduroam network
Now – depending on the operating system – click on available radio networks icon, choose eduroam network, click on „Connect” and enter own login and password.